I will cover BH discography based on the tracks recorded in Studio Sessions or Live Presentations. There are 330 tracks in Studio and 229 tracks Live.

This chapter will cover ONLY THE ORIGINAL records that released these tracks FOR THE FIRST TIME. As a consequence, I will not mention hundreds of discs and compilations that contains previously issued tracks.
It is organized as follows:
  1. Songs summary, ordered both chronological and alphabetical, with the complete list of songs in all media and where to find them.
  2. The original 78 rpm vinyl discography (1933 to 1954)
  3. The original LP discography (1949 to 1992)
  4. The Compact Disc discography (1986 to 2004)

In this section, you can get a comprehensive view of all the songs Billie recorded. They are organized both in alphabetical and chronological order. In those tables, you will find the first original records in every media (78, Lp or CD).


These were manufactured in discs using a resin called “shellac”, and rotate at 78 rpm – what gives them the name. They were manufactured until mid 1950s. By that time, “Compact” 45 rpm vinyl records were introduced with a large hole in the center, as an alternative to 78 rpm – frequently carrying the same tracks.


Introduced by Columbia in 1948, they were quickly adopted as the new standard for phonograph records.  They had a larger size, initially 10”, soon 12” in diameter, rotate at 33 1/3 rpm and could accommodate at least 12 tracks instead of the two on a 78 rpm.


Those were introduced in 1982 and all tracks issued in 78 or LP were later ported to this new format. They became the standard for audio records until 2000, when new digital technologies start replacing them. My idea here was to list the basic discs or collections to allow you collect all Studio and Live recordings. It is also important to remark that 39 original tracks were never issued in any vinyl format. Therefore, they are only available in digital format.

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