CD Discography

In this section, I will provide a selected list of CDs where you may find all the tracks mentioned in this site.


The 330 studio tracks can be found in just 7 CD titles (all of them can be found online, both in CD or MP3).

# MTs
Lady Day (Complete Columbia)
Artie Shaw
Billie’s Blues
Complete Commodore
Complete Decca
Complete on Verve
Lady in Satin
Total MT Tracks


 1. Lady Day: The Complete Billie Holiday on Columbia (1933-1944) – (box set, 10 volumes)

CD Lady Day Box 2   © 2001 Sony Records

This luxury bounded album contains 10 CDs and a wonderful 120 page fully illustrated booklet describing each song. It has also a mini-biography. Besides the complete coverage of the studio recordings, the box carries also the alternate takes from the same period.

CD Lady Day vol.1 … CD Lady Day vol.10


2. Artie Shaw Greatest Hits, RCA Victor, one disc

CD Artie Shaw cover CD Artie Shaw disc CD Artie Shaw tracks 09026-68494-2 © 1996 BMG Inc.

This CD carries a collection of Shaw’s greatest hits recorded between 1938 and 1941, like Begin the Begine. Among them, the sole track Billie recorded with Artie Orchestra, Any Old Time.

3. Billie’s Blues, Blue Note, one volume

CD Billie's Blues cover CD Billie's Blues Disc CD Billie's Blues Tracks
EMI 48786 © 1998 EMI-Manhattan Records Inc.
A very peculiar CD. It carries 5 unique jewels – in the Aladdin session – and the sole track recorded with Paul Whiteman. The other 10 are also very interesting, tracks recorded live in Europe. A must.


4. The Complete Commodore Recordings, Commodore (Box in 2 volumes)

CD Commodore Cover CD Commodore disc 1 CD Commodore disc 2

CMD 2-401 © 1997 GRP Records Inc.
It includes the 18 tracks recorded for Commodore, being 4 in 1939 and 14 in 1944.
All Commodore sessions, including the alternate takes.


5. The Complete Decca Recordings, Decca, Box in 2 volumes

CD Decca Cover  CD Decca Disc 1 CD Decca Disc 2 
GRD 2-601 ©1991 GRP Records Inc.

This box includes one of the best produced booklet in this discography. Two discs and a very well documentation of every take. Lots of information.


6. The Complete Billie Holiday on Verve, Box in 10 volumes

CD verve cover

 CD verve disc 1 CD verve disc 2CD verve disc 3 CD verve disc 4 CD verve disc 5CD verve disc 6 CD verve disc 7 CD verve disc 8CD verve disc 9 CD verve disc 10 314-513858-2  ©1992 PolyGram Records Inc.
This box has 10 Cds, plus a very well edited booklet with take descriptions


7. Lady in Satin, Columbia Jazz Masterpiece, 1 disc

CD Lady in Satin cover CD Lady in Satin disc 1 

CK 65144 ©1997 Sony Music Entertainment Inc
This new edition carries the 12 original tracks plus 4 unreleased bonus takes.



Live discography will be a little bit more labourious to be found and collected. I tried to simplify the list, showing you the smallest set of records I could work on. The 229 live tracks can be found in the following CD titles:

1 Billie Holiday Perfect Complete Collection 
2 Masters of Jazz vol.3 – Billie Holiday
3 Lady day Live – Collector’s Choice
4 At Stratford ’57
5 At Storyville
6 Broadcast Performances vol.1, 2 & 3
7 New Orleans Soundtrack
8 At Jazz at the Philharmonic
9 At Carnegie Hall

1. Billie Holiday Perfect Complete Collection (box set with 12 discs)

CD Perfect Box             CD Perfect Complete discs 1-3CD Perfect Complete discs 4-6 CD Perfect Complete discs 7-9 CD Perfect Complete discs 10-12

SSCD 8005-16 ©1993 Sound Hills Records (made in Japan)
This luxury bounded box (13x13x2″) holds almost all the live tracks recorded by BH along her career. It’s an essential item for those who want to explore this side of her discography. It contains almost all the tracks mentioned below in this live discography. It is not easy  to find, though (mine is stamped: “This is No.00461 of an edition limited to 500 albums”).


2. Masters of Jazz vol.3 (Billie Holiday)

CD Masters of Jazz vol3 cover CD Masters of Jazz vol3 disc
Storyville STCD 4103 © 1986 Storyville Records AB (Printed in Germany)

3 . Lady Day Live, Collector’s Choice

CD Lady day Live - cover CD Lady day Live - disc
CCM-479 © 2004 Collector’s Choice Music (Made in USA)

4. At Stratford ’57 A Midsummer Night’s Jazz, Baldwin Street Music

CD Jazz at Stratford 57 cover CD Jazz at Stratford 57 disc
BJH-308 © 1999 (Made in Canada)

5. At Storyville 1201 Music

CD at Storyville cover CD at Storyville disc
© 1999 1201 Music, Inc

6a. Broadcast Performances, vol.1 (1949-52) ESP Disk

CD Broadcast Performances vol.1 cover CD Broadcast Performances vol.1 disc

6b. Broadcast Performances, vol.2 (1953-56) ESP Disk

CD Broadcast Performances vol.2 cover CD Broadcast Performances vol.2 disc

6c. Broadcast Performances, vol.3 (1956-58) ESP Disk

CD Broadcast Performances vol.3 cover CD Broadcast Performances vol.3 disc
ESP-3002, 3003 &3005 © 2003 Syndicore (Made in Germany)

7. New Orleans Soundtrack, The Soundtrack Factory

CD New Orleans cover CD New Orleans disc
SFCD 33506 © 1999 Disconforme D.L. (made in Andorra)

8. At Jazz At The Philharmonic (The Billie Holiday Story vol.1) Verve

CD JATP cover CD JATP disc
521642-2 © 1994 PolyGram Records

9. At Carnegie Hall (The Billie Holiday Story vol.6) Verve

CD Carnegie Hall cover CD Carnegie Hall disc
314 527 777-2 © 1995 Polygram Records


10. Billie Holiday in Europe (Kangourou Swing)

 Cd in Europe cover CD in Europe disc
This record is privately issued. Get in touch with the collector Michel Fontanes.


11. BHD Rare Tracks, volumes 1, 2, 3 & 6

BHD vol.1 (1937-1944) BHD vol.2 (1943-1946) BHS vol.6 (1956-1958)BHD vol.3 (1946-1947)
These records can be found in They are part of a private edition of 13 discs with most of BH rare live tracks. A nice alternative.



The Complete 1936-1944 Billie Holiday Alternate Takes, Blue Moon (box set, 3 volumes)

CD Alternate Takes vol. 1 cover CD Alternate Takes vol.2 cover CD Alternate Takes vol.3 coverCD Alternate Takes vol.1 disc CD Alternate Takes vol.2 disc CD Alternate Takes vol.3 disc

For those who want to explore just the alternate takes of her studio recordings
BMCD 1501-2-3 © 1995 Blue Moon Producciones Discograficas (Barcelona, Spain)


Part 4 – New Issues

DVD – Billie Holiday – The Ultimate Collection, Universal Music

CD The Ultimate Collection cover

CD The Ultimate Collection DVD CD The Ultimate Collection disc 1 CD The Ultimate Collection disc 2

A box with two CD and one DVD (Film and TV Performances) in a very elaborate edition. The DVD can also be bought separately.

Billie Holiday Remixed & Reimagined (2007)

CD remixed cover CD remixed disc

Fourteen tracks reinvented by DJs, mixing excerpts from original BH recordings.
1. I Hear Music (Swingsett & Takuya Mighty Fine Remix)
2. More Than You Know (Jazzeem Throwback Remix)
3. Spreadin’ Rhythm Around (Lady Bug vs. Lady Day Remix)
4. Long Gone Blues (GXR Remix)
5. Trav’lin’ All Alone (Nicodemus & Zeb Remix)
6. He Ain’t Got Rhythm (Poppyseed Remix)
7. Summertime (Organica Remix)
8. I’m Gonna Lock My Heart (Madison Park Remix)
9. Glad To Be Unhappy (DJ Logic Remix)
10. Billie’s Blues (Daniel Y Remix)
11. You’re So Desirable (Sunday People Remix)
12. Pennies From Heaven (Count De Money Remix)
13. But Beautiful (Tony Humphries Remix)
14. All Of Me (Charles Feelgood Remix)

NOTE: If you are also interested in BH original vinyl and  LP releases, refer to the section “78rpm and LP discography on the menu at right >

All the images shown in this page are from my personal collection.

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12 thoughts on “CD Discography

  1. This is brilliant to have. Still the live perfromances are hard to understand. What live issues are missing from the Perfect Complete Collection?

    • I have 160 tracks exclusively in the Perfect Collection, and another 21 in the volumes 1,2,3 and 6 from Rare Tracks.

  2. Do you know are there any non-studio tracks in the Masters of Jazz series or the Rare and Live Collection that are not on Perfect Complete Collection?
    Thanks 🙂

    • About “Rare and Live Collection” I cannot comment, because I am not familiar with it.
      As far as Masters of Jazz, what I can assure you is that having the Perfect Collection and the other records I mention in my Discography, you don’t need any track from Masters of Jazz. But don´t forget that I managed to get a copy of Perfect in the very beginning, so I built upon that.
      But I can also tell you that Michel Fontanes is a specialist in Billie and almost certainly his collection Masters of Jazz is complete – it includes everything. I would go for it.
      Did I addressed your question?

      • Yes you did – thanks so much. I need to compare the tracks a bit more closely. I will let you know when I have that done – it might be valuable to add to your site. It’s published by ESP Disk also

        • I just noticed that you managed to get your copy of the PCC. Congratulations! You said your copy is #60/300 – it is not 500? From 1993?
          Are you going to compare to what? From ESP I have “Broadcast Performances” vol. 1 to 3, but all these tracks are on PCC as well.

  3. Finally got Perfect Complete Collection. A delightful treasure trove of recordings and an essential addition. Mine is in excellent condition, complete with Obi and is numbered 448 of 500.

      • Hi, Paulo.
        So much to choose from. Particular favourites are “Gene Norman’s Just Jazz” broadcast on Volume 3. Great to hear “I Wonder Where Our Love Has Gone”, “Maybe You’ll Be There” and on Volume 4 – “You Gotta Show Me”, none of which where done in the studio. I also like the Art Ford Parties, the New Orleans movie recordings, the “Sound of Jazz” lesser know rehearsal and great to hear a recording from inside Café Society – “I’m Gonna Lock My Heart” on Volume 1.

        • I just wish there was more context. I’m revisiting the set again and yet, there is such repetition of tracks without background information.

          Of course I love it and I’m thankful to have it!

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