Song Index (alpha)

On this page you find a list of all the songs included in this website in alphabetical order.

There are two Tables:

  • Table 1 lists all tracks recorded lie or in studio and released in vinyl discs (78rpm or Long Playings);
  • Table 2 lists the tracks released later, already in the CD era. Most of them are rare live recordings.

Table’s abbreviations an titles

First column brings the sequential index number used in this side. MT – in blue – means master takes resulting from studio sessions. LR – em green – means live recordings. Special LR types are FILM (movie soundtrack), BC (radio broadcasts) or TV (television broadcasts). Those symbols appear in the third column.

Second column shows the song title, and fourth the date the recording session took place.

Original label in the fifth bears the Label and number of the original disc (the first vinyl record on the market). Finally, the releasing date.

I apologize for the lack of sharpness in the table text, but that was the best way I found to condense text and save space, allowing for more information per line. If you click in the table, quality improves a little bit.



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