In this chapter, you will find the lyrics and additonal information of every song Billie recorded – and where you can find them in CDs.

Billie recorded 291 different titles. Some of them are unique recordings, but many Billie recorded several times – for instance Billie’s Blues has 19 different versions – and that sums up 689 tracks. And every one has a transcription of the actual phrasing. Additionally, there are other 13 songs that were recorded only during rehearsal – they are not complete, but the lyrics have been transcripted accordingly.

If we sum up the 13 original songs that were recorded during rehearsals, we come up with the 304 songs that you will find described in this chapter. They are classified in alphabetical order. Follow the menu on the right.

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  1. I as everone else who enjoys the Sound of her voice wants easy access to any and all of her recordings.

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