BIILIE HOLIDAY SONGS is a tribute to a great singer. Here you will find lots of information about lyrics, discography and all her songs.


A brief site description, following the menu at right:

GUIDE: see how many tracks are available from BH. A track is a recorded song, or an interview, or a rehearsal.
SONGS & LYRICS: find here, in alphabetical order, the lyrics for every song Billie ever recorded. Exactly as she phrased it. And some more curious facts about them.
DISCOGRAPHY: here you find the description of every phono record that contains any track she ever recorded. Starting with the 78 rpm shellac discs, and evolving to vinyl Long-Plays and CDs.
RECORDING SESSIONS is a chronology of every recording session. Here you find the date, local and the musicians that took part in it. They are described in two major cathegories: the Studio sessions and the Live Sessions. The latter her presentations in shows, theaters, movies and radio and TV broadcastings.
MUSICIANS: the artists Billie worked with.
COMPOSERS a tribute to these great lyricists and musicians.

Hope you enjoy.

Paulo Novaes


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  1. What truly stimulated you to publish “Billie Holiday Songs | A site dedicated to Billie Holiday’s Songs and Discography”? I personallyreally appreciated the post! Thanks for the post -Rafaela

  2. Thank You from my heart.
    This site is really beautiful tribute to Billie Holiday, and I bow my head and kiss Your feet for it. Just about year ago I installed ‘Spotify’ and short search brought over 10 thousands tracks of Billie. Now I’m able to sort them in order…
    Thank You
    Greetings from Finland..

    • Dear Goran,

      wow, I am happy that you liked it that much. Send me your suggestions and let me know if I can be of any further help.
      Regards from Rio de Janeiro


  3. I am doing reaserch on billie holiday and this is a great website to go to for her songs and to find them so thank you for the effort with the website

  4. I want to give you my appreciation and congratulation for the work on Billie Holiday you did on this web. I’m the wife of Tony Scott (clarinet arranger, pianist etc…) and it took me years to collect and do this kind of job for him to pay homage to his long and very articulate career. In the meanwhile he passed away …and I’m still working on it ..so much material ! ahahhaha!
    Thank you very much from my heart ! Tony loved Billie so much that he transmetted me the virus! I LOVE BILLIE and she is the only one.
    p.s. Billie was singing in Italy too:
    November 3 to 9
    here’s the notes about it. I have also a picture which I’ll sen you by mail , send me yours, mine is cinziascott@alice.it

    Billie was in Milano in 1958, from November 3 to 9
    at the first concert she could sing four songs only, at the fifth she was interrupted by the orrible audience. The concert was in a “avanspettacolo” theatre . The audiencewas not use to jazz!
    the second concert:
    Il 9 novembre, Milano piazza Beccarla – teatro Gerolamo
    ultimo giorno di permanenza a Milano della cantante, fu organizzato da appassionati e intenditori di jazz uno spettacolo “riparatore”
    Billie Holiday with Mal Waldron on piano. Il pubblico le tributò una vera e propria ovazione

  5. Dear Goran I think that on you discography you’ve missed the 1956 rehearsal at the Dufty’s home which was published by Verve. The rehearsal was taped by Tony Scott with his own tape machine and sold to Verve some years ago, -songs: Misery (Tony Scott’s song) , Israel, God Bless the child, Beer bear Polka , A Yiddishe mama, Lady’s Back in Town (T.Scott song) etc with discussions (on the Complete Billie Holiday on Verve 10 CD box you’ll find on: https://itunes.apple.com/it/album/complete-billie-holiday-on/id16221291

    • Dear Cinzia,
      I didn´t include in the chronology comments about rehersals, that’s why. But I mentioned in Lyrics the song “Lady´s Back in Town” – unfortunately only fragments. If you have the original lyrics, I would appreciate to have it.

  6. Great side this is. I recently discovered the greatness of Billie’s music; I first bought a cd box of het Columbia Years and then her recordings for Verve; So, it is good to control, if there are still songs missing in my collection, and you find all info about songwriters and recording dates, really great and thank you, this side is already one of my favourites, keep on doing the good work, thanks a lot! Patrick from Belgium.

  7. Hi Paulo,
    Do you have a list of those songs which Billie Holiday wrote, but did not record. If you haven’t then I can supply you a list of these if you are interested.
    Kind regards…..Kevin.

  8. amo Billy e gostaria de poder ouvi-la…como faço para baixar algumas músicas sem ter que pagar? Sou uma vovó que vive só com 25 cães e amo Billy Holiday entre outros…

    • Prezada Veronica
      Billie Holiday é mesmo uma paixão. Sobre sua pergunta, não sei responder. Eu recomendaria comprar uma boa coleção de CDs, pode ser a da fase Columbia ou da Verve. Assim, vc põe pra tocar e esquece. No site – em discografia – vc encontra os dados.
      Gratis, pode ser no You Tube. Entre lá, digite Billie Holiday e a maioria das músicas estão lá. Até mesmo videos, que são muito poucos.
      Boa Sorte.

  9. Hi Paulo,
    you know where I can find information about a Box set “Billie Holiday – Live and private recordings in chronological order” of 22 + 1 LP printed in Milan in 1988 with a 20-page illustrated booklet.
    I’m interested in the tracklist and the sources of the recordings.
    Sorry for my english

    • Dear Eustachio
      Are you talking about 22 CDs in a box-set? That´s amazing… Where did you find it?
      Try to contact http://www.billieholiday.be They have an extense list of records and maybe they can help you with that.
      As far as english, anch’io non lo parlo bene, perche vivo in Brasile. Auguri.

      • Dear Paulo,
        I don’t read from amazon, but by the site of Tito Saffioti who has published a discography of Billie Holiday in an Italian magazine of Jazz Music in 1999 (http://musicajazz.22publishing.com/) Tito Saffioti (http://www.titosaffioti.it/articolo_billie_holiday.html). Is a box with 23 LP in vinyl printed in 500 copies in Italy (Milano) in 1988. The exact title is:
        Billie Holiday – Live and private recordings in chronological order.

        • Dear Eustachio,
          I found out that the content of this Italian vinyl LP set is exactly the same as the one I describe in the menu discography> CD discography, part 2- live sessions “Billie Holiday Perfect Complete Collection”. It is a 12-CD luxury box-set printed in Japan, with a limited edition of 500 copies. Many of its tracks are only found in this compilation. Therefore, when I describe all the live tracks or sessions, I point this box-set as the source to hear.
          Hope that this clarify your question.
          Saluti, Paulo

          • Dear Paulo,
            thanks for the clarification.
            Good job.

  10. Billie Holiday had an engagement at the Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas. I’ve seen the date of the engagement reported both as “Summer 1956” and “Summer 1957.” I suspect that “Summer 1956” is correct. What were the exact daters of that engagement? Thank you for your help.

    • Dear Edward,
      Billie´s engagement at Dunes Hotel in Vegas ran for two weeks, from July 19th to August 1st 1956. Unfortunately, no recordings are known.

  11. Olá Paulo,
    Sou fã da Billie desde os 20 e poucos anos… Eu nunca tinha ouvido suas músicas, mas tinha uma curiosidade imensa em conhecê-las. Tempos sem Youtube ou Google! Então um dia encontrei um CD nas Lojas Americanas num “saldão de ofertas” – o Decca Years. Lembro até hoje que paguei R$4,00 por ele… Estou com 44 e continuo apaixonada. Fiquei muito feliz em encontrar seu site com tanto material sobre ela. Obrigada!

    • Olá, Valeria,
      paixão antiga, mas merecida 🙂
      Avise-me se precisar de mais alguma informação.

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