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Amongst hundreds of sites dedicated to Billie Holiday – or to Lady Day – I  selected a few that will bring to you, BH fan, a lot more content,  complimentary information  and more emotion – and fun – about our beloved singer.

BH visual discography Japanese, English This site by my friend Cross Taro from Tokyo shows his precious collection of records – from 78rpm to LPs, plus memorabilia and lots of images, videos and literature about our BH. A must.
BH discography English This Belgian site carries probably the most comprehensive BH discography available. Here you can search all her sessions and locate the discs where that particular song was included.
BH Official Site English,  Billie Holiday’s Offcial Site, with many references and information
BH 78 rpm discography Dutch, English A Dutch site managed by Pim Ziegelaar aims to describe the complete BH discography in 78 rpm. Also includes some record images.
Jazz discography project English A must if you are interested in researching the jazz discography – all the original records are listed here by label.
Jazz Quotations English The #1 resource on the web for quotes and sayings about Jazz!

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